Our Practice

Our clinic is devoted to providing quality, holistic and natural health care for our clients. Through the use of acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine, we can help to promote the healing of many ailments and imbalances of the mind, body and spirit.

Pain: acute, chronic, intractable pain which does not respond to Western Medicine.
Our gentle yet powerful techniques work to relieve pain. Most of our clients experience an immediate response from the first treatment, and the relief is prolonged. We are committed to helping patients reclaim the quality of their lives through controlling and eliminating pain(s).
Please give us a chance to work with you by natural and non-invasive ways, to give your body the opportunity to heal before you go through invasive treatments like surgery and/or long term use of strong prescription drugs...

Allergies and other Immune System Disorders: allergic reactions, Auto Immune diseases, these ailments can cause damage to the body and are hard to control by conventional medical means. Our approach is not to suppress the reactions, but to help the body to regain its balance through eliminating factors that cause the imbalance (improper life style, diet, stress etc...); restoring the harmony between the internal systems of the body (Zang Fu, Qi-Blood, Ying Yang, Meridians and Collateral systems).

Disorders of the Endocrine System: Hormonal imbalances and symptoms associated with the condition. If you are frustrated with hormone therapies and other methods of treatment that have not achieved the desired result, we recommend that you try our holistic approach.
By using acupuncture and herbs we can help to harmonize the system rather than stimulate or suppress it. We do not use unnatural substances, which can have a strong effect on one gland at a time while overlooking the rest of the system. We focus on correcting the underlying imbalance and disharmony of the system instead of merely treating only the symptoms or "masking" them.

Substance Dependency and Related Conditions: When a person is dependent on alcohol, drugs or other substances, their body is in "false balance". Therefore, treating the symptoms associated with the withdrawal state is helpful. However, the treatment is not complete unless one re-establishes the balance of the Body-Mind and Spirit after that. Through the use of acupuncture and herbal treatments, we can help the individual go through the withdrawal process smoothly, easily and minimize/eliminate the withdrawal symptoms.
Moreover, after the withdrawal state, we need to follow through and work with the individual by customizing a plan for making permanent changes in their life. Without a comprehensive plan for the individual, the result is only temporary. We have extensive experience through years of successfully working with these conditions.

The secret of our success in treating conditions and diseases with multiple symptoms is:

We work with the "individual", we don't work with "the label" (name of disease); and since we work with "you", and not with "the label", we are able to see " the whole picture" rather than "fractions" of symptoms. Therefore, we want to spend adequate time to listen and communicate with you in order to work together for your healing process.
Without your help we can not help you, period.

We commit ourselves to work with you to make positive changes. Healing is changing, and we make sure the changes are positive and long-term. Individuals who just want to "heal" (to get rid of the symptoms) without committing to making positive changes in their life will not achieve a completely successful result.

Our principle is working with you for success. Therefore, we will do everything within our scope of practice, knowledge and experience that will help you to heal. We will never do or suggest anything that is not to your benefit. We earn your trust to adhering to the highest ethical and medical standards.

We will never stop learning and refining our skills and knowledge for your benefit.

"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work.
The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."